How to Smoke Meats

Great smoked meat is where passion meets preparation, where skill meets cuisine.

This website and all its Essential Meat Smoking Resources: Smoking Temperatures, Wood Selection, Smoker Log, USDA Beef Grades, step by step Meat Smoking Tutorial Videos, and recommended Tools and Equipment are all here and easy to download, printout or view for your use. In other words, this website is about helping you and other meat smoking enthusiast that have asked the same questions I have over the years.

I began seeking information on smoked meats, then how to step by step instructions, then how to smoke meats at home, usually gaining bits and pieces of information that increased my interest and desire to learn more.

At that time, basic meat smokers were not as readily available as they are today, so I sought information on how to smoke meats on a charcoal grill, then how to smoke meats on a gas grill, and even considered how to make a smokehouse for smoking meats.

Today, I have learned how to smoke meats in a smoker and why knowing how to cold smoke meats is best left to the commercial food service professionals.

Most importantly, I have learned that when you can help others, you should.

Now, let’s get smok’n.


how to smoke meats

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